Mirus Property Management Group now offers vacant home management services to give you peace of mind during extended stays away from your home. Whether you have been relocated and are waiting for your home to sell, are taking a short-term transfer at work, or enjoying an extended vacation, you can rest assured that Mirus Property Management Group is caring for your property and ensuring your investment is being protected while you are away.

We offer absentee management services for a multitude of properties: condominiums, commercial, residential, or multifamily projects.

What is included in your monthly service fee and what do we look for during our routine walkthrough at your property?

  • Visual inspection of siding and roof condition.
  • Ensure security system is functioning.
  • Check toilets and sinks to confirm there are no leaks or drips.
  • Confirm heat is working properly and set to a safe temperature in colder months.
  • Confirm air conditioner is properly set to ensure circulation during warmer months.
  • Confirm that all windows and doors are locked and sealed.
  • Check for storm damage, vandalism, and forced entry.

Additional services we can offer:

  • Winterization and spring start up services
    • Bleeding pipes
    • HVAC inspections
    • Furnace filter changes
    • Power down and power up
    • Ensure irrigation system is maintained properly.
  • Set up and oversee mowing, landscaping, tree trimming, and snow removal services.
  • Provide routine cleaning of property.
  • Maintenance services at property owner’s approval.

*Arrangement subject to 30 day notice prior to ending contract*